Meet the Team

  1. Chris Craft, CFC Tax Collector

    Chris Craft, CFC

    Tax Collector

  1. Denise Wood, Executive Assistant

    Denise Wood, CFCA

    Executive Assistant & Administrative Supervisor

  1. David Washington, Chief Deputy

    David Washington, Ed. D

    Chief Deputy

  1. Monte Kosoff

    Monte Kosoff

    Director of Finance & Human Resources

  1. Gia Orrozco, Supervisor

    Giovanna Orozco, CFCA

    Director of Operations

  1. Nick Wells

    Nick Wells, CFCA

    Director of Information Technology

  1. Jackie Kalinowski, Quality Assurance Manager

    Jackie Kalinowski, BBA, CFCA

    Director of Organizational Efficiency

  1. Ed Becht General Counsel

    Ed Becht, CFCA

    General Counsel

  1. Juliana Walker Website Pic

    Juliana Walker

    Communications Manager

  1. Liz Walker, Finance Manager

    Elizabeth Walker, CFCA

    Accounting Manager

  1. Betty Stephens, CFCA Branch Manager

    Betty Stephens, CFCA

    Branch Manager

  1. Amy McPhetres, Branch Manager

    Amy McPhetres, CFCA

    Branch Manager

  1. Brandi Lawson, CFCA Supervisor

    Brandi Lawson, CFCA

    Branch Manager

  1. MaryEllen Travis, Assistant Supervisor

    MaryEllen Travis, CFCA

    Branch Manager

  1. Chary Colon, Paralegal Supervisor

    Chary Colon, CFCA

    Paralegal Supervisor

  1. Brad Darst Information Technology Supervisor

    Brad Darst

    Information Technology Supervisor

  1. Darla Snowe, Supervisor

    Darla Snowe, CFCA

    Training Supervisor

  1. Jodi Williams, CFCA Supervisor

    Jodi Williams, CFCA


  1. Cindy Crowe, CFCA Supervisor

    Cindy Crowe, CFCA


  1. Cynthia Bennett, Assistant Supervisor

    Cynthia Bennett, CFCA


  1. Megan Crews, Assistant Supervisor

    Megan Crews, CFCA


  1. Tiffany Harned

    Tiffany Harned, CFCA


  1. Rachael Crosby, CFCA, Assistant Supervisor

    Rachael Crosby, CFCA


  1. Kyle Aldhizer

    Kyle Aldhizer, CFCA


  1. Jessica Berwick

    Jessica Berwick, CFCA

    Assistant Supervisor, Training

  1. Ray Crewe sm

    Ray Crewe, CFCA

    Assistant Supervisor

  1. Dana Drawdy

    Dana Drawdy, CFCA

    Assistant Supervisor

  1. Ruben Mitchell, Assistant Supervisor

    Ruben Mitchell, CFCA

    Assistant Supervisor

  1. Kara Rolls, Assistant Supervisor

    Kara Rolls, CFCA

    Assistant Supervisor

  1. Shelby Brown, CFCA

    Shelby Brown, CFCA

    Assistant Supervisor

  1. Jessica Camp, CFCA

    Jessica Camp, CFCA

    Assistant Supervisor

  1. Joy Roberts, Assistant Supervisor

    Joy Roberts

    Assistant Supervisor