County Held Certificates

Tax Certificate Sale

Tax certificates not purchased at the annual tax certificate sale are struck to St. Lucie County. These certificates can be purchased online through the Lien Auction website at an interest rate of 18%. Certificate buyers should be aware there are inherent risks involved with buying tax certificates and those risks are borne by the certificate holder.


  1. In TaxSys the “public access system,” choose “All County Held Certs” from the reports list box on the left
  2. Select the “View Selected Report” button.
  3. The selection information may be changed to customize the report, such as entering a parcel ID in the “Account Number” field, or changing the “Cert Status” to “Redeemed.”

First Come Basis

Certificates will continue to be offered on a first come basis. 

Contact Us

If you have questions please contact the Tax Specialist Department at 772-462-1650.