Express Lane Registration Renewals

This convenient service for renewing a registration for your vehicle, boat or mobile home allows you to pay online and pick up your renewal from one of our offices the same or next business day.

PickUp Express

For same-day pick up, renew online before 3 p.m, Monday through Friday.

Under delivery options, select “Pick up at a Tax Collector Office Location” and select your desired location. Renewals paid after 3 p.m. can be picked up the next business day between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

FOR “PICKUP” CUSTOMERS: Please note if you select the “PICKUP” option, you have two business days to come in and retrieve your renewal from your chosen location. If you do not pick up your renewal within that time frame, it will be mailed to the address on file. (Note: Business days do not include weekends or holiday closures.)


  • Have your renewal notice, registration or license plate number, and proof of insurance available.
  • Fees are as follows:
    • E-Check (All services except DMV-related transactions) - has a third-party convenience fee of $0.50 for each transaction. 
    • E-Check (All DMV-related transactions) - has a third-party convenience fee of $1.00 for each transaction.  
    • Credit Card (All services except online DHSMV registration renewals) - has a third-party convenience fee of 2.5% of the total amount charged.
    • Credit Card (Online DHSMV registration renewals only) - has a flat-rate third-party convenience fee of $3.45 per transaction. 

NOTE:  If a transaction is dishonored by the bank, a service fee will be assessed in accordance to state law and federal guidelines.

  • You should expect two emails: The first confirming your payment and the second to let you know when your registration is ready for pickup. Allow one hour minimum for processing.
  • When you receive the Ready For Pick Up email, go to the location you selected and go to the designated Express Lane station. 
  • Show your photo ID and you are ready to go! (If you selected a pick up person other than the owner, they will also need proof of ID to pick up your registration).