Local Business Tax

Starting a Business in St. Lucie County

St. Lucie County Local Business Tax Receipt Ordinance Number 07-016 requires that all businesses or professions located in St. Lucie County obtain a County Business Tax Receipt.

Are you a professional working under another business?

  • If you get a W-2 from that business for your income taxes, STOP, a BTR is not required. 
  • If you get an IRS 1099 from that business for your income taxes, you would need to apply for a Business Tax Receipt in your own name. Continue with steps below.

To obtain your county Local Business Tax Receipt, you MUST complete the following steps:

1. If you are using a name other than your legal first and last name only, you must register with the Florida Division of Corporations.

2. Determine what jurisdiction your business will be in, whether it is the city limits of Port St. Lucie, city limits of Fort Pierce, within St. Lucie Village or in the unincorporated area of St. Lucie County.  (Click here to determine the jurisdiction for your business).

If your business is located in a municipality/city limit, you must obtain your Business Tax Receipt from that municipality in addition to St. Lucie County.  All businesses operating within city limits, by law, must obtain City and County Business Tax Receipts in order to operate legally. Unless you obtain both Receipts you will be considered in violation of the Local Business Tax Receipt Ordinance.

If your business is in the "Unincorporated" area of St. Lucie County you MUST complete these steps before applying for your Business Tax Receipt:

  • Commercial locations must have a Fire Inspection with St. Lucie County Fire District. Call 772-621-3377 to set up your inspection. 
  • All business types must complete St. Lucie County's Zoning process by visiting here: St. Lucie County Zoning department. If you have questions call 772-462-2822.
  • Commercial location must visit the Florida Department of Health located at 3855 S US Highway 1, Ste. A, Fort Pierce, FL 34982 or call 772-873-4931 to complete a Hazardous Waste Screening Form and register. 

3.  If your occupation/business is regulated a state agency, you must obtain your state license before proceeding with the Business Tax Application.

4. If your business is a Pest Control or Lawn/Landscape business that uses fertilizers and/or pesticides, you MUST contact the Florida Dept. of Agriculture St. Lucie County Extension office prior to applying for your BTR. Call 772-462-1660 to schedule your appointment for your certification or visit: https://www.fdacs.gov/Business-Services/Pest-Control/Licensing-and-Certification


There are several entities that are exempt from Business Tax Receipts under Florida Statute:

  • Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations (205.192)
  • Religious tenets (205.191)
  • All farm, grove, horticultural, floricultural, tropical piscicultural and tropical fish farm products and products manufactured therefrom (205.064)
  • Click here for information on available business tax exemptions (PDF). The exemption requirements are listed on the reverse side of the form. Complete the form and submit with required documents during the application process.
  • Florida supports veterans who pursue a professional or business license by reducing the related costs. Click here for more information on the licensing fee waiver program for Florida veterans.

Once you have completed ALL the steps above:

Click here to apply for your NEW Business Tax Receipt

Search and/or Renew Your Business Tax Receipt

Click here to search and/or renew your existing Business Tax Receipt. If renewing, locate your account using the search bar, the amount due to renew will appear as "amount due" and can be added to your cart, then proceed with completing your transaction. 

If you want to Modify/Edit Your Existing Business Tax Receipt

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