Heavy Trucks

Registering a Heavy Truck

The registration renewal date for Heavy Trucks will soon change to a renewal period based on the owner’s birth month, unless the owner is a business or the following does not apply. The truck must have a net/curb weight greater than 5,000 lbs., AND a gross vehicle weight (GVW) between 5,001 and 7,999 pounds. The heavy trucks affected must meet ALL the following criteria to move registration expiration date to the registrant's birth month:

  1. Class Code must be 41
  2. Vehicle type must be TR
  3. Body code must be TR or TK
  4. Net weight must be greater than 5,000 lbs
  5. Gross vehicle weight must be between 5,001 and 7,999 lbs 

With this change, customers renewing their Heavy Truck registration expiring Dec. 2020 will have the option to extend their renewal to their birth month in 2021 or an additional year to their birth month in 2022. Customers whose date of birth falls within January and June can pay a prorated amount to renew their registrations in December 2020 for 1 to 18 months. Likewise, customers whose date of birth falls within July and December would pay a prorated amount in December 2020 for 7-24 months.

HVUT stands for Heavy Vehicle Use Tax which is an annual federal highway tax imposed on certain heavy motor vehicles, including trucks, truck tractors, and buses using our public highways. The tax applies only to vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. The federal government then distributes revenues back to the states for highway construction and maintenance projects.

Section 320.02(7), Florida Statutes requires motor carriers to provide proof of payment or exemption from HVUT on motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 55,000 pounds or more prior to issuance of a registration.